5/6-2012 - Hiatus

Please do not repost any of the edits...

... I might edit again one day

Anonymous whispered:
OMG! I really love all the edits *-*

Thank you, it’s nice that there are still people appreciating them :)

i-am-exosted whispered:
Oh, my, god. I was so sad when I saw that you closed this blog. I swear, you are the one who brought me to Tumblr and Exo, which are the two most amazing things that happened to me these past 7 months, I swear I feel so good in here, being an Exotic and a Tumblr addict! hahaha! Thank you thank you thank you for your edits and hard work, and thank you for opening again. Love you <3


No problem wow thank you so much ;; /hugs/

This blog is now opened again, I will not edit, but feel free to look at the edits ~

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are you still taking requests?

No, not anymore~

In Support of B.E.K.I.

To those concerned by B.E.K.I (Blue Eyed Kpop Idols):

For someone to make assumptions about the intent or supposed bias against or in favor of a certain race or ethnicity of someone they do not know is hypocritical. There is a clearly stated explanation of admin’s intent in creating the edits and blog in the first place on her 'about' section and she is always gracious and patient with anyone who has ever had sincere questions or concerns regarding her work and decisions.

I was a follower of B.E.K.I. before I knew of her primary blog and while I can’t speak for any of her other followers, I can explain why I love the edits and am not offended by them.

For me, seeing my favorite idols (I happen to be Infinite and especially Sunggyu biased) with blue eyes for the first time was such a shock. It was really beautiful…but not because I preferred them with blue eyes as opposed to their perfectly lovely natural dark eyes, no. It was beautiful the same way that seeing them with unatural colored hair, fake tattoos, dramatic make-up, and(—gasp!—)colored contacts is. It’s an artistic, expressively creative, mysterious, exciting and unusual way for fans to see their entertainers deliver an image.

And these are the things that the idols and stylists themselves use in developing concepts and creating the ever changing styles that define the kpop presentation we love.

Seeing Sunggyu or Onew or Kris with blue eyes doesn’t make me wish they were more white and less Korean…wut? Why would we even be fans if that’s how we felt? No, seeing them with blue eyes simply shows another way to appreciate their features. The blue eyes let your eyes settle on their features in a new way, see the shapes and shadows differently. Just like when they wear eyeliner or style their hair away from their face. A different perspective to appreciate, that is all.

It is unfair and silly to assign more nefarious intentions to admin’s work when she is so plainly clear about what she is doing, and it is so closely related to what the idols themselves do. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way. 5k followers are more than happy to enjoy it for what it is.

We love your work admin. If it makes you happy then we are pleased and thankful to share in that enjoyment with you. We will continue to support you as long as you wish to continue. ♥


The whole truth about it is that I never understood how big this blog would get and therefore didn’t think it through hard enough. I just took it really lightly because I enjoyed editing and had this blog as my escape and way of dealing with my life. I’ve got some heavy family issues so being home 24/7 during the summer left me very depressed. Though beki I managed to find a distraction at the same time as being creative and getting recognition. It was amazing to me and at that time my main blog had like 600 followers so having like 3K over here felt surreal. I needed an escape, but now as everything else in my life - it is just one great misunderstanding and I am hurting people…

yeollie-bells whispered:
I dont think you have any reason to apologize, i follow both your blogs and ive never seen anything that warrants any kind of hate or preference over any kind of feature (save for your absolutely adorable love for sunggyu) I think you do a fantastic job at editing these picture, and like how your follower count shows, people love seeing idols with blue eyes, since we usually only see dark eyes, light eyes are so interesting to see, I think you're a fantastic artist and person so just be you :3

Well, the thing is that I am surrounded by racism almost everyday so it  is a subject that I take very serious. I am truly disgusted by it and it makes me sad to feel like I am in some ways contributing to it… 

But I will try to not take it to heart since I know myself. And haha yes Sunggyu…. He is probably my strongest point in proving that this is all wrong. I love him embarrassingly much so for me to be someone that wouldn’t find his features appealing is almost amusing. Well, I don’t want to make this into a huge thing and I apologize for doing so, it’s just like what I said - I take racism/and all similar things INCREDIBLY serious. And therefore I couldn’t ignore it. I apologize to queenofthewest for putting her in the spotlight like that. 

Thank you those who sent sweet messages, you are all so kind and supportive~

And one last time, I am sorry for those who I offended or gave the wrong idea. I really am~

queenofthewest whispered:
not trying to be rude or anything, but you don't think this is sort of damaging to people's self esteem? glorifying blue eyes like this blog does is sort of playing into that thing media does in which white features and european features are considered more beautiful than that of minorities.

Okay, so at first I didn’t want to publish this, but the huge amount of crap that I’ve been given lately because of this blog is making me tired. I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO HARM WITH NEITHER THIS BLOG OR EDITS.

This was written in July

First of all, asians are not a minority, not that that has anything to do with it, but still please stick to facts. Second, when have I ever said that “white features” are prettier/better/more appealing than any other? Exactly, never.

To be quite honest I am getting really tried of people constantly going on about this. I AM JUST MAKING EDITS. I AM NOT TRYING TO PROVE ANYTHING. I was bored one day and made this because I thought that they looked interesting. NOT that they looked better, because they don’t - but because you could see them from a different light. It was not mean to be what you are describing.

I never EVER thought that this blog would get this many followers and I seriously thought that there blogs like this out there (since there are blog changing hair color, making them into vampires ect) To be honest I get so offended when people assume certain things about me. This is the reason why I had a break, just because I feel I don’t want to be viewed like that.

If I knew that it would turn out like this then I wouldn’t have made this blog at all, but now since there are about 5K followers - I don’t want to let them down.

I am really sorry if I offended anyone. I am really sorry that I came off as someone that consider “white features” more beautiful than any other and I am sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to do that. I never wanted anyone to feel like that and I am an idiot for not even thinking harder about it to begin with.

I am sorry.

Huang Zitao (Tao) - EXO-M


Huang Zitao (Tao) - EXO-M

Kim Seyong - MYNAME


Kim Seyong - MYNAME

Anonymous whispered:
Which brushes do you use?

I use different ones every time… sorry~

Woo Jiho (Zico) - Block B


Woo Jiho (Zico) - Block B

Jung Ilhoon - BtoB


Jung Ilhoon - BtoB